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How to Build a Grapevine Support

By Lauren Wise ; Updated September 21, 2017

Grapevines are beautiful plants to grow and provide a delicious harvest that can be eaten as a fruit, made into jams or fermented into wine. Grapevines grow best with more than one of them around. The ideal way to grow them is on a vine trellis, which provides the plants with optimal growing conditions.

Make sure the location of your grapevine support trellis is an area ideal for your grape variety's growth. This includes the type of soil, amount of sun and positioning of the grapes. Use four-foot posts for regions with severe winters and eight-foot posts for other regions. Decide how large you want your trellis to be. Grapevines usually have two to three posts, but they can have as many as you want for longer trellises.

Pound the post into the soil with the hammer, about two feet deep. Space multiple posts at least 20 feet apart.

Pound the anchor post about six inches away from the base of the main post, angled away from it. Secure the heavy wire securely between the main post and the anchor as tight as you can by wrapping. For a two- to three-post grapevine support, using an anchor post at either end is adequate. For longer trellises, you need anchor posts at each stake.

Pull taut the heavy wire three inches up from the ground, running it along the entire length of the trellis. Run an additional piece of the wire one foot up from the top of the wooden post. Make the wire as tight as possible.

Pull taut sections of the catch wire (which is lighter wire) between the two heavy support wires. These catch wires help train the grapevines, make pruning more simple and also shaping the vines.

Plant transplanted grapevines at the base of the wooden support beams of the trellis. Make sure the main vine runs along the heavy wires. Put any tendrils or smaller vines on the catch wires.


Things You Will Need

  • Wooden posts, 3 to 4 inches in diameter
  • Hammer or mallet
  • 12-gauge wire
  • Catch wire
  • Anchor posts