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How to Make a Single Flower Corsage

By Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 21, 2017

Following the old adage “less is more,” a single flower can often have more impact and beauty than a group of flowers. Instead of creating a complicated or extravagant corsage with more than one flower and a spray of baby’s breath, choose to use a single flower instead. The effect will be striking and eye-catching in its simplicity. Single flower corsages are also less expensive and easier to create. Wander out to your flower garden when the blossoms are blooming and choose your best flowers to make a single flower corsage.

Clip the flower's stem from beneath the blossom, leaving approximately 2 inches of stem.

Begin wrapping the floral tape around the base of the blossom and down onto the stem. As you wrap the floral tape tightly onto itself, it will adhere and stick. Do not cut off the excess floral tape extending from the stem.

Place the greenery behind the blossom and continue to wrap the floral tape around the stem of the greenery and the blossom to attach the two stems together securely.

Cut off the floral tape and tuck the end of the floral tape in behind the blossom.

Attach the corsage with the corsage pin by inserting the pin through the bottom portion of the blossom, through the clothing and back up through the stems of the blossom and greenery.


Things You Will Need

  • Single flower (orchid, carnation or rose, for example)
  • Pruning shears
  • Single piece of greenery
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Corsage pin


  • The name "single flower corsage" is synonymous with "boutonniere." Men typically wear boutonnieres on the lapels of suits or tuxedos. Women can also wear a single flower corsage for a simple and striking corsage.

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