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How to Grow Lemon Trees in Houston

If you'd like to grow a lemon tree in Houston, you're in luck. Houston, Texas, has a climate that is perfect for growing citrus trees. With the warm summers and cool winters, citrus plants thrive and produce plentiful harvests. Growing a lemon tree in Houston is relatively easy if you keep a few things in mind.

Choose a lemon tree wisely. Most varieties of lemon trees have been hybridized to prefer the warm tropical conditions of Florida. Most heirloom varieties of lemons, however, do well in Houston. The Meyer lemon tree is probably the most common lemon tree grown in Texas. In Texas, the Meyer lemon tree is also known as the Valley lemon.

If you purchase the lemon tree in autumn or winter, leave the tree in its original container until all threats of frost are gone. This usually means no earlier than late March, but if the winter is particularly brutal, wait until late April. At this time, it can safely be transplanted to its new home.

Find a place in your yard that receives at least a half-day's worth of sunlight each day. Lemon trees can tolerate full sun each day, but it's not necessary for proper growth.

Carefully consider the lemon tree's home if you will be planting your tree directly into the ground. Because snow and frost are not uncommon in Houston, you will need to plant the lemon tree on the south side of your home. This will protect the lemon tree from bitter winter Northers.

For best results, plant the lemon tree in a large container such as a large flower pot or bucket. Planting a lemon tree in a container gives you the flexibility to move the tree in the event of a hurricane or unusually cold or windy weather.

Water the lemon tree regularly. Most lemon trees do well if they are watered every seven to ten days. You will most likely have to increase the watering schedule during the summer months. Test for water need by touching the soil; if the first few inches of soil are dry, it's time to re-water.

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