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How to Patch PVC Pond Liners

While in the past, a decorative garden pool or pond might have created using concrete, today’s ponds are made using PVC plastic liners. PVC liners come in two forms: prefabricated rigid black plastic and black plastic sheeting made to spread over a free-form pond that has been dug into the ground. Although PVC liners have many advantages over concrete shells, one of the hazards of a PVC liner is that it is more prone to tears and leaks. Fortunately, repairing a PVC liner is simple.

Clear the pond of any fish, plants or anything else that could be harmed by the patching process.

Wait for the level of your pond to cease its drop. This level is the point of the lowest leak.

Inspect the pond liner along the water line. Mark any breaks in the uniform smoothness of the liner to mark the leaks.

Examine the liner to ensure that there are no additional leaks in the liner above the water line that you may have missed. Mark these leaks by circling them with a piece of chalk.

Siphon water from your pond with a garden hose. Drain the pond to a level below the leak in your liner.

Cut a piece of PVC liner in a circular shape that is larger than the hole in your liner.

Scrub the liner around the hole with a brush and a small amount of dry salt to break up the algae around the tear in the liner. Rinse with clean water from a garden hose.

Dry the surface of the tear using a hair dryer. Do not let the liner get hot to the touch. This will prevent the tear from enlarging.

Spread PVC liner patching glue over the surface of the tear and the surface of the patch. Allow the glue to dry until it is no longer tacky to the touch.

Press the patch, glue side down, over the hole in the liner so that the two glued sides are sandwiched together. Apply the patch uniformly over the hole to prevent wrinkles. Hold for 30 seconds.

Wait 48 hours for the glue to cure before refilling the pond.


Temporarily store fish in aquariums and place plants in buckets while you repair the pond and set up the ecosystem again.

If you cannot find glue formulated for repairing liner patches, substitute the contact cement used to glue white shower stalls. However, do not use PVC pipe glue.

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