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Plants That Like to Be Next to Each Other in the Garden

Whether you have a large garden or a couple of planter pots on a patio, it is a good idea to understand what type of plants work well together. It's ideal to have a nice variety of plants, ranging from herbs, fruits or vegetable, along with a couple of flowers to accent with colors. Companion planting is when you plant two or more plant species next to each other for mutual benefit, such as providing more nutrients in the soil or repelling insects. There are many types of companion planting, such as fruits by flowers, herbs next to vegetables and vegetables next to other vegetables.

Flowers And Herbs

There are certain flowers that repel several types of insects and can be planted within close proximity to herbs, fruits or vegetables. These include sunflowers, marigolds, petunias and morning glories, to name a few. Flowers are ideal around herbs, fruit trees or produce that attracts of a lot insects. Plant basil and blooming flowers or any type of vegetable together, as basil attracts bees and repels aphids and tomato hornworms. Chives repel aphids, so they can protect flowers like roses, tulips or snapdragons, and vegetables like lettuce, jalapenos and mint. Lavender attracts bees and butterflies for pollination, so it is best planted around blooming flowers and fruit, such as strawberries or tomatoes.

Herb and Vegetables

Herbs and vegetables are often grown together since they are both used consistently together in cooking. These combinations can either protect each other from insects, or will benefit each other through nutrients integrated into the ground. These pairings include radishes paired with chervil; peppers by sweet marjoram; tomatoes next to basil, parsley or sage; cucumbers by lemon balm; or cabbage and mint. Just make sure that these varieties can survive in your climate. Other garden combinations includes thyme by eggplant; broccoli and dill; parsley surrounding carrots; rosemary and peppermint; or onion and savory herb.

Vegetable Pairing

Growing vegetables next to vegetables in a great method when you are growing large amounts. It is also ideal if you are growing vegetables in rows so you can alternate each plant. Proper combinations include corn and eggplant, broccoli and celery; green beans and radishes, onions and carrots, cabbage or lettuce and leeks, and beans with potatoes.

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