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How to Use AeroGarden

Growing fresh vegetables and herbs year-round is a dream shared by many. With the advent of home hydroponic gardening systems like AeroGarden, it’s easy to make this dream a reality whether you live in Florida or Alaska. An AeroGarden, like a normal garden, is a continuing investment. You’ll need to purchase AeroGarden’s proprietary seed pods, nutrient packs and accessories for use with your AeroGarden system. Additionally, their GrowBulb light bulbs are not a standard size, so you’ll have to purchase AeroGarden-specific replacement bulbs.

Place your AeroGarden securely on the table where you intend to keep it. Make sure that the table or shelf you’re placing it on is close to an electrical outlet so that you can plug the unit in.

Fill the base of the AeroGarden with water up to the fill line.

Position the seed pod tray over the top of the base and push down firmly so that it locks into place.

Push seed pods down firmly into the holes in the seed pod tray. Make sure to push them as far as they will go, so that your seeds can get plenty of water and nutrition. If they aren’t pushed in far enough, they won’t be able to reach the water.

Cover each seed pod with its corresponding plastic dome. This will help to incubate the seeds as they germinate and begin to grow, creating a miniature greenhouse around each individual seed pod. These should be left on each pod until you see baby plants starting to push their way up through the holes in the center of the top of each seed pod.

Plug your AeroGarden in and follow the instructions enclosed with the unit for turning on the Grow Bulbs and setting up the water pump that continuously feeds your garden.

Follow the proposed feeding schedule suggested by your AeroGarden’s instructions for administering the AeroGarden nutrient packs. These are meant to be administered in a specific order, during specific periods of your plants’ lives. Follow the instructions for best results. Instructions will vary depending on which plants you’re growing at any given time in your AeroGarden, so make sure to read them thoroughly.


Your AeroGarden may make some noise during the first few days that it’s running, as there are no plants (and roots) to help absorb the sound of the pump as it’s causing the water to flow throughout the base of your AeroGarden. Don’t be alarmed, as this is normal.

Change the water when you add new nutrients to your plants. It will help boost the effectiveness of those nutrients. Make sure to use normal tap water, as filtered or bottled water has had some or all of its beneficial natural minerals removed.

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