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How to Remove Grass From Stone Walkways

You love the deep, rich green of your lawn, but hate the grass creeping out of the yard. Grass often grows in areas that are hard to reach with a lawnmower or trimmer. Cleaning up these areas creates a finished, polished look for your landscape, especially if your landscape includes a stone walkway. Invasive grass can grow over these stones, obscuring them from view.

Loosen the invasive grass by sliding a flat bladed shovel under the grass. This forces the rhizomes to release their grip on the stones of the walkway.

Peel the grass blanket back with the shovel to the rear edge of the stone. If the blanket of grass is too thick to peel back, cut some of the edges with a pair of sharp pruning shears.

Cut the grass free with a sharp knife by following the edge of the stone.

Cut the edges of the grass around the stones with the shovel. Make the cuts as vertical as possible to prevent mashing rhizomes into the soil. Make the cut at least 6 inches deep. This prevents the grass from growing back over the stones as quickly.

Dispose of the grass clods, since they will put out new rhizomes and sprout new blades of grass. If you add the grass clumps to a compost pile, place them near the middle where the heat of the pile will kill the grass. Repeat the grass removal process whenever your grass grows over your stone walkways.


Grass is an ideal and effective groundcover. It spreads through underground runners called rhizomes. These wandering rhizomes tend to break through any type of soil. Rhizomes will squeeze through the tiniest crack. Grass will sprout from the smallest piece of root left in the ground.


Killing stray grass with an all-purpose herbicide may seem like a good idea, but it can leave the edges of your lawn dead and unsightly.

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