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How to Grow a Weeping Cherry Tree From a Seed

Cherry trees, including the weeping cherry, can be grown relatively easily from seeds as long as a few simple steps are taken, the most important of which is to refrigerate your cherry pits before planting them. Cherries can be started in pots indoors or can be planted directly in the soil outside once all possibility of frost has passed. Plant more than one pit to ensure the success of at least one viable tree.

Remove the pit from the cherry and wash off any remaining cherry flesh.

Dampen a handful of peat moss and place it in a plastic baggie. Place your cherry pits in the baggie under the moistened peat moss, seal the bag and place it in your refrigerator for 10 weeks.

Remove the baggie with the cherry seeds from your refrigerator and plant your pits. If planting indoors plant in a 50/50 mixture of organic fertilizer and garden soil. Plant the pit 1/2 inch deep and place the pot where it will receive direct sun for several hours each day.

If planting out doors choose a location that is well drained and which gets plenty of direct sun. Turn the soil with your spade to loosen the soil at least 8 inches deep. Add approximately 50% organic fertilizer to the soil and mix it in well with your spade. Plant your pits 1/2 inch deep and water well. Keep the soil moist but not too wet.

Be patient. Your cherry may take 4 to 8 weeks to sprout. After 1 year either transplant the weaker trees or thin out the weaker trees, leaving only the most hardy.


If you wish you may cut a 2-liter soda bottle in half lengthwise and use one half of it as a make-shift greenhouse to encourage your outdoor seeds to germinate more quickly.

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