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How to Grow Bamboo Indoors in Water

Bamboo grown indoors in water is often called “lucky bamboo,” with the formal name of Dracaena sanderiana. In Feng Shui, this plant is meant to bring the owner good luck and fortune. You may choose to purchase one or more stalks to plant in a single container. Because it is such an easy care plant, it is perfect for busy people. Just keep it in clean water and you will have a happy, healthy plant.

Choose a container that will allow most of the bamboo stalk to be seen, yet deep enough to keep it stable and upright. For this plant, you want a container without drainage holes.

Add decorative gravel or fish tank rock to the bottom of the container. Securely place the bamboo stalk(s) into the gravel.

Add fresh to the container, enough to reach about 2 inches above the gravel. Distilled or natural well water can be poured into the container directly, about once a week City tap water will need to be filtered as it may contain fluoride and/or chlorine, which can damage bamboo.

Drain and add fresh water to your bamboo plant about once a week. Do not add fertilizer on a regular basis. The bamboo does not need feeding and may be harmed by adding too much fertilizer. Add a time released fertilizer about once a year.

Place the bamboo plant in a well lighted location, but not in a window where it will get direct sunlight, as this may burn the leaves. If the leaves start to yellow, it is getting too much direct sunlight.


If you are in a pinch and don’t have the proper water for your bamboo plant, set a pitcher of water, leaving it overnight. This will remove much of the chlorine. However, don’t do this on a regular basis. On occasion, when changing the lucky bamboo water, remove the gravel and rinse it out through a piece of cheese cloth or a strainer. Wash the container with mild dish soap, making sure to rinse it completely before reintroducing the gravel, bamboo and new water. Rinse off the bottom and roots of the plant. Then, reassemble all the pieces.

Indoor bamboo may also be planted in soil, as any other house plant. Make sure the soil is kept moist, but not to the stage of sopping. A container with drainage holes at the bottom is required.

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