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Garden Trellis Ideas

By Maryellen Cicione ; Updated September 21, 2017

A garden trellis serves as a wonderful accent to your garden. Garden trellises come in all different styles, colors and types, from traditional and contemporary to artisan and free form. Shapes run the gamut, including flat top, arched, square, obelisk and rectangular, and may be made from wood, wrought iron, copper or metal. Whether adding a stand-alone garden trellis or one that affixes to an outdoor structure, the array of garden trellis ideas is sure to excite your creativity.

Landscape Design Accent

When incorporated in your landscape design, a garden trellis adds an elegant and tranquil feature to your flower or vegetable garden. Use a trellis as an introduction to the theme of your garden and as a welcoming entrance for visitors. Take advantage of the many different sizes and shapes, and use multiple garden trellises as entryways to different sections of your garden area. Likewise, a trellis works as a divider to separate different garden types. In landscape design, a garden trellis makes an ideal transitional feature to connect different gardens together and create an easy flow between the two.

Plant Support

In addition to adding beauty, a functional garden trellis gives you more space for growing flowers or vegetables. In a flower garden, a trellis design is perfect for growing ivy or fern plant varieties, as well as climbing flowering plants like honeysuckle, clematis or morning glory.

In a fruit-and-vegetable garden, consider using a garden trellis to grow tomatoes, beans, passion fruit, blueberries, grapes or other non-heavy bearing fruits and vegetables. A trellis as plant support also makes vegetable gardening easier, especially for people who are unable to bend over or kneel.

Beautify Outdoor Structures

With the versatility of a garden trellis, you can spruce up outdoor structures, such as a shed or garage. A number of garden trellises are made to attach to the exterior of a structure. Rather than a single trellis, chose several and create a pattern design. Grow a combination of ivy or flowering plants to create an interesting, lush wall garden.

Feng Shui Garden Trellis

As a peaceful place, a garden can be a relaxation escape. Choose an Asian-themed garden trellis and add a sitting bench under it. Nearby, add other feng shui accents, like a water feature, gazing ball, sundial, wind chime, wire sculpture or garden statue. Grab a good book and read under your trellis or just enjoy sitting in the serenity of your garden.


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