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Plants That Grow in Water

Although most people don't realize it, many plants grow in water. In fact, there are a number of plants that only grow in water. Growing plants in water, especially several different plants, can help create visual interest in an aquarium or back yard pond. In addition, growing water based plants in a large ceramic pot filled with water offers a visually interesting alternative to traditionally grown flowers and plants.


There are a number of varieties of lotus that grow in hardiness zones five through 10. In fact, there is one variety that can do well down to zone 4. It is very important to select a lotus suitable to your growing zone or plan on bringing the plant and pot in for the winter. Different varieties of lotus grow to between 18 inches and 60 inches. The most important thing for growing lotus is to have at least three months with soil temperatures between 75 degrees and 87 degrees. If you are growing the lotus in a pot, you might consider adding an aquarium heater to keep the water and soil at the ideal temperature for the variety you are growing.


Some varieties of bamboo grow beautifully as a water plant. The most common is often called "lucky bamboo." Lucky bamboo is actually a bamboo form of a water lily. Lucky bamboo is very resilient and doesn't require much sun. As such, it grows very well indoors in places with no light. You can propagate lucky bamboo by cutting a piece at the joint. Place one end in water with some rooting hormone. In most cases, the bamboo will root in a matter of weeks.

Water Lilies

Water lilies are a general class of pond plants that grow in a wide variety of climate zones. The best way to select a water lily is to talk with a reputable nursery or your local agricultural extension service about varieties suited to your area. Once you know what will grow, you can select a color and variety that appeals to you. If you have an in-ground pond, you may be able to leave the lilies in place over the winter. If you grow them in a pot of above ground pool, you may need to bring the lilies indoors over the winter.

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