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How To Plant Peach Trees in Central Texas

By Jay Golberg ; Updated September 21, 2017

Peach trees are grown to produce peaches, a sweet, fleshy fruit that is used for eating fresh, for canning or making into cobblers or pies. The secret to peach tree growing success in Central Texas is finding a variety of peach tree that will produce peaches when exposed to less than 700 hours of temperatures between 32 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. This is called the chilling requirement. Also, peach trees must have a regular spraying and fertilization program for optimal peach production. Plant bare-root trees in winter and container grown trees any time of the year.

Find a place in the garden that gets at least six hours of full sun each day. Peach trees will drown in standing water, so be sure the area is well-drained. Plant peach trees between 25 and 50 feet apart, because the eventual spread of the tree will be about 20 feet if pruned properly.

Dig a hole that is wide enough to comfortably accommodate the peach tree's roots and deep enough so the peach tree is planted at the same level it was planted in the nursery pot or its previous location. Do not plant so deep that you cover the root graft, which is the swollen offset area right above the root base. Spread out any roots that are encircling or girdling the root base.

Add native soil that was removed from the planting hole around the peach tree you are planting. Do not add compost, potting soil or any other amendments to the soil. The tree must get acclimated to the native soil, and amendments cause the soil to hold water and peach trees need well-drained soil. Add water while putting soil into the hole to prevent air pockets from forming around the roots, however. Gently press, but don't pack, down the soil over the root base.

Add a 2-inch layer of mulch around the root base of the newly planted peach tree to provide an even level of moisture. Leave a 1-inch gap between the mulch and the trunk of the peach tree to prevent mildew from spreading to the tree from the mulch.


Things You Will Need

  • Shovel
  • Variety of peach tree recommended for Central Texas
  • Mulch
  • Source of water


  • Peach tree varieties recommended for Central Texas are: Tex Royal, La Feliciana, June Gold, June Prince and Texstar.

About the Author


Jay Golberg is a certified Texas nursery professional and professional project manager. He has 30 years of business and farming experience and holds bachelor's degrees in English writing from St. Edward's University and finance from Lamar University.