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How to Plant Raspberries in Colorado

Raspberries plants are very hardy, making them a good choice for the varied climates of Colorado. They key to growing raspberries in Colorado is choosing a variety that suits your particular climate. Black and purple raspberries do best in the milder parts of the state, while red raspberries grow well in colder areas. Keep in mind that raspberry plants will not produce any fruit the year they are planted. Fruit should begin to grow the second year after planting. Once your raspberry plants become established, they will provide fruit for eating and baking for years to come.


Choose a location for the plants that receives full sun and has enough room for the roots to spread. Raspberries can be planted at any time in the growing season, but do best if planted in the early spring after the threat of frost has passed.

Remove any weeds or other vegetation from the bed.

Dig a hole large enough to fit the plant's entire root system, and deep enough so the plant's root ball remains at the same level it was planted in at the nursery. If you want to fertilize the soil, add a 10-10-10 fertilizer before planting.

Place the raspberry plant in the hole, and fill in with soil.

Firmly tamp down the soil.

Thoroughly water the plant so it can start to establish roots in the new location. The plants require about 1 to 3 inches of water per week. Give them more water as the plants approach harvest.

Raspberries Ripe?

Raspberries ripen around the same general time each year, although specific growing conditions and weather may affect the actual dates. Ever-bearing or fall-bearing raspberries produce ripe berries usually starting around July and continuing into fall, often until the first frost. Ripe raspberries are brightly colored, whether they are red or another variety. Look for fullness and roundness in the raspberries to determine if they are ripe. Another way to determine if raspberries are ripe is to test a few berries to check for taste and texture. The specific flavor varies slightly between raspberry varieties. The raspberries on your bushes will ripen gradually throughout the harvest season so you'll need to check the berries every few days.


Regularly check the bed for weeds and remove invasive plants so they do not choke out the rapsberries.

Raspberries should be picked in the early morning, the coolest part of the day.

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