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How to Store Electric Lawn Mowers

Storing electric lawnmowers requires only a clean, dry storage space and access to electricity. Most mower handles fold to achieve a total footprint no bigger than the mower deck and motor. Folded for storage, an electric mower could easily fit in a storage closet or under a workbench. Corrosion of the deck and blade, plus the chance of degrading a rechargeable mower's battery are the main risks.

Storing Electric Mowers

Unplug the mower and reel in or coil the cord. Remove the grass-catcher bag from the mower and empty any clippings. Clean the exterior of the mower with a dry rag. Remove any debris lodged in the upper part of the machine.

Tip the mower on its side to expose the bottom of the deck and the mower blade. Pull grass clogs from the deck and grass-catcher ports with a wooden stick. Check around the axles and the blade's drive shaft for lodged or wrapped debris and clear it out.

Set the mower upright. For collapsible-handle models, loosen the knobs at the mid-points of the handles. Grasp the lower fork of the handle where it connects to the deck and press inward while pushing the handle drops forward over the motor. When the handle clears the retaining catch, release the fork. Fold the handle back at the mid-point so that it settles neatly over the motor.

Store line-powered mowers with the electric cord coiled and out of reach of rodents. For mowers with automatic cord retraction, use the power cord's onboard reel.

Consult the owner's manual for correct procedures for storing rechargeable battery mowers. Some manufacturers recommend leaving the machine plugged in and charging during storage. Batteries drain slowly even though the machine isn't used and may be ruined if completely discharged. Storage life of a fully charged battery when unplugged varies from two months to six months.


Always unplug electric mowers before performing any maintenance or inspection.

Recharge battery-powered mowers before and after each use to extend battery life and provide maximum operating power.

Fully charge unused battery-powered mowers at least once every two months.


Leaving battery powered units plugged in and charging for long periods could be risky. Unexpected surges--such as lightning--could damage the battery and cause failure or fire.

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