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Easy-to-Care-for Outdoor Plants

By Bridget Kelly ; Updated September 21, 2017

Unless gardening is your hobby, yard work should not consume your entire weekend. It is possible to have a low-maintenance landscape that will look great all year. Choosing the right plants is the first step. Plants that don't require a lot of work include those that have minimal water requirements and aren't finicky about the soil in which they are grown. If you have any questions about what plants grow well in your area, consult with your local cooperative extension office.

Day Lily

The day lily, which is hardy in USDA Zones 3a to 9b, is named for the fact that its flower blooms for only one day. Native to Europe, this perennial is perfect for the low-maintenance landscape. It requires full sun and a deep watering once a week.

Moss Rose

The moss rose, or portulaca, can make it look like you spend all day, every day in your garden. In reality, it's one of the most care-free plants you can grow. The moss rose will tolerate dry periods and poor soil quality. Plant it in full sun and water whenever you feel like it. The moss rose is hardy to USDA Zones 4 to 9.

Russian Sage

This is a very attractive plant with silver foliage and small, blue flowers. Best of all, it is recommended for xeriscapes, or areas that require water conservation. This means you won't need to water it very often and it will thrive, even in the hot sun. The sap is considered a skin irritant so wear gloves when handling. It's hardy to USDA Zones 5a to 9b.


Though the hosta does flower, it is the striking foliage that attracts admirers. The leaves of the hosta, which is hardy to USDA Zones 3 through 10, are blue, green, gold or yellow, depending upon the cultivar. If you have a shady area that needs a pop of color, the blue hosta might be just what you are looking for.


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