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How to Trim Ivy As a House Plant

Although ivies, as with most other houseplants, require little in the way of pruning for the sake of plant health, some shaping up now and then is desirable. A well-groomed appearance is maintained by snipping back wayward or wildly growing vines for all types of indoor ivy. These excellent houseplants can be pinched, pruned and otherwise snipped anytime they’re actively growing, and they’re quite forgiving of errors. So shape that ivy plant right up, and trim to your heart’s content.

Use clean sharp scissors or shears to trim off any trailing or vining stems that look like they just don’t belong wherever they are. Ivy can become unruly and begin to look shaggy and unkempt if you don’t take steps to manage it. If it doesn’t look nice to you, cut it off.

Cut out any dead or damaged stems.

Pinch out excessive new shoot tips to encourage your ivy to maintain a more compact growing habit, and to fill in any unattractive thin or bare spots.

Stick 6- to 8-inch stem trimmings from your indoor ivy plant into a clear glass of water, and set it in a warm, brightly lit spot out of direct sun. Soon you’ll have well-rooted little clones of your favorite houseplant to pot up for your own pleasure or to share with friends.


Never remove more than one-third of any plant’s growth at any single time.

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