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Landscaping Ideas for Mobile Homes

By Diane Steinbach ; Updated September 21, 2017

Landscaping a mobile home provides the opportunity to create some variety in your surroundings and alter the outer appearance of what is usually a nondescript rectangular structure. Although you must adhere to digging laws and climate, you can create nearly any type of retreat you desire in just a weekend. A mix of plants, water elements and decorations can transform your mobile home yard into a garden haven.

Lush Retreat

Create a lush environment around your mobile home to cool your space and provide privacy. Build raised beds around your entrance way and fill them with three different heights of regional leafy plants such as ferns, palms or bougainvillea. Plant the tallest closest to the mobile home, and the shortest in the front to lead people into your doorway. Fill a curved flowerbed in front of the mobile home with hostas and thick, mossy, ground-cover plants along with taller plants--choose them for lush foliage--along the back. Complete the retreat with a water feature. A small, bubbling pond will contribute interest, especially if you add goldfish or koi fish.

Desert Life

If you are a mobile home dweller in the Southwest basing your landscaping on cactus will provide character as well as nearly maintenance-free gardening. A half-circle planting bed running along the front of the mobile home gives definition to the area and breaks up the rectangular shape of the mobile. Plant some organ pipe cactus along the back to provide height, and then spread out with barrel cactus, prickly pear and hedgehog cactus in the very front. Cover unplanted areas with colored gravel, and add some decorative rocks for variety. Lay broken pieces of decorative pottery among the cactus plants for color and interest.

Bird Haven

Nothing is more soothing than birdsong, and you can create a wildlife refuge right in front of your mobile home. Start with some flowering shrubs near the driveway to provide shape and a pleasing aroma come blooming time. Plant climbing morning glories along a railing or to grow up a trellis placed against the home for hummingbirds and bumblebees to enjoy. Plant a blackberry patch along the side of your mobile home, and fill in the front flower bed area with wild flowers and tall grasses to provide color and texture to your garden as well as seeds and hiding places for your birds. Add three birdhouses on poles throughout the space as well as two bird feeders in the front and one on the side of your house to attract birds to your sanctuary.