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How to Grow Pecan Trees in Florida

Pecan trees are very popular in the Southeastern United States, and grow well in climates where the air is warm and moist. Florida pecan trees should be planted during the months of November to February. The varieties of pecan trees which are native to Florida and grow well in the state include the Elliot and Curtis pecan trees. Growing pecan trees in Florida will require ample spacing in your yard, nutrient-rich soil (sometimes Florida soil tends to be dry, sandy or thin), and consistent watering.

Use your spade or shovel to dig up an area of soil in your lawn. The area should be in direct sun light, and should be large enough so that crowding will not occur. Because pecan trees can grow up to 100 ft. tall, be sure that the area is spaced far enough away from other plants so that the pecan tree will have room to grow (at least 15' of space).

Remove any clumps of soil from the area. Break up the clumps with your fingers or your shovel.

Wet the area with your watering can full of water. Make sure the soil has been moistened thoroughly before planting your pecan tree.

Add 4 cups of fertilizer or nutrient-rich planting soil to your soil. Potting soil or fertilizer helps provide nutrients to the pecan tree, and protects it from commonly occurring thin, dry soil.

Mix the potting soil or fertilizer with your ground soil, and place the pecan tree into the ground. Do not place deeper than 4" under ground. Cover the tree with the soil mixture and pat down.

Place a 2-3" layer of mulch on top of your pecan tree. Mulching is important, as it helps the tree from drying out. Water your pecan tree 2 to 3 times per week when the climate is particularly dry (such as summer and fall).

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