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How to Grow Red Geraniums

By Katelyn Kelley ; Updated September 21, 2017

The red geranium is an annual flower, but it can survive year-round if brought indoors during the winter. It is a popular window box flower and grows easily in pots or in the ground. It requires a minimum of four hours of sunlight a day, but in very warm climates, it benefits from shade during the hottest hours of the day. Regular pruning of your geranium will keep it bushy and blooming.

Plant the geranium in potting soil either directly in the ground or in a container and water thoroughly. If using a container, make sure it drains well.

Place the geranium in a spot that receives at least four hours of sun a day.

Water when the soil appears dry but avoid over-watering or you risk causing bacterial leaf diseases. Most geranium varieties are drought tolerant.

Regularly remove any yellowing or dead leaves from the plant.

Remove blooms when you see them start to fade; this will encourage new blooms to form.

Trim the red geranium once a year in the fall by cutting back approximately one third of each stem above the juncture where a leaf forms.

Bring the red geranium indoors before the first frost. You can keep the geranium in a pot in a sunny window all winter or let it go to sleep for a few months in a cool, dark spot, such as your basement, where the temperature remains above 45 degrees F.

Place the red geranium back outside in spring after threat of frost has passed and water regularly.


Things You Will Need

  • Potting soil
  • Spade
  • Pruning shears
  • Container (optional)


  • Avoid planting the geranium too deep in the soil or the stem may rot. The soil should be even with the top of the root system. A little mulch on top of the soil is okay, but don't pack it in too close to the stem.

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