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What to Use When Spraying Fruit Trees

Fruit trees of any variety and climate condition respond to non-toxic orchard sprays such as Bonide, an industry leader since 1926. Non-toxic orchard sprays work well against insects while preventing fungus to spread. Other sprays such as vitamin-rich, anti-oil fruit sprays are available to help your fruit trees reach optimal size and growth. Fruit sprays are easy to apply and available for purchase through various online retailers or at your local home and garden center.

Basic Fruit Spray

A basic fruit spray such as Bonide Orchard Spray will serve as an insecticide while preventing fungus and bacteria from growing on your plants. Bonide is non-toxic and an industry leader in providing orchard spray for fruits and nuts. Because it has been produced since 1926, Bonide is a trusted name and readily available at home and garden centers nationwide. For more information on Bonide, see References.

Premium Orchard Spray

While a simple orchard spray is effective in eliminating pests and preventing fungus, The Complete Fruit Spray Kit for fruits and nuts contains a product called Fruit Trees Alive, which is an insecticide spray which contains vitamins specially designed to enhance the size of your fruit. Soil treatments of vitamin-rich fertilizer to increase the nutrient content in your fruit accompany the kit. For more information about Fruit Spray Kits and Fruit Trees Alive spray, see References.

Application and Care

Even non-toxic insecticides contain chemicals which should not make direct contact with your skin. When using any type of spray for your fruit, wear gardening gloves. Spray the affected area of your fruit directly, but not excessively. Just a small amount of fruit spray will work. It is also a good idea to rinse your spray bottle with water after each use.

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