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List of Spring Flowering Plants

You know it is springtime when spring flowering plants burst onto the scene adding a splash of color to a dormant landscape. The most popular spring flowering plants are daffodils, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths. Plant the bulbs outdoors in the fall and reap the rewards of your labor in early spring. The flowering plants provide a lovely fragrance to the warming air and make perfect cut flowers for enjoying indoors as a bright and beautiful spring floral bouquet.


One of the most popular perennial flowers associated with spring, the daffodil marks its arrival after remaining dormant for 12 to 14 weeks in temperatures 50 degrees F and below. Among the varieties of daffodils are narcissus and jonquil in colors of white, yellow, salmon and pink. While one flower per stem is typical, some daffodil varieties provide multiple blooms per stem. Growing to stately heights of up to 20 inches, daffodils are easy to cultivate and require little maintenance. They prefer climates that offer cool spring and summer temperatures and cold winters. Daffodils grow best in good draining soil in a spot that gets moderate to full sun.


A worldwide symbol of spring, tulips welcome the season after 14 weeks of dormancy in winter temperatures below 50 degrees F. Tulip varieties are extensive, with a wide array of size, color and shape options. Some varieties feature lily-shaped or fringed flowers, while others delight with ruffled or double blooms. Popular tulip colors are red, yellow, pink, maroon, apricot and white. With height ranging from 6 inches to 2 feet, tulips thrive in climates that offer cool springs and summers and cold winters. When planting tulip bulbs, choose an area that is protected from strong winds, has good draining soil and gets moderate to full sun.


The crocus is one of the earlier spring flowers to bloom because it only requires four weeks of temperatures below 50 degrees F before its next blooming stage. With their notable cup-shaped flowers, crocuses usher in spring with colors of violet, yellow, blue and white. Since crocuses are low-growing plants, they only reach heights between 3 to 6 inches tall. The easy care flowering plant prefers moderate to full sun and well draining soil.


Fragrant hyacinths begin their bloom after being dormant for 12 weeks in winter temperatures of 50 degrees F and below. With its lovely scent and intense color, the hyacinth is a much loved spring flowering plant. The plant grows between 8 and 12 inches tall with single spikes of lush flowers. Color choices include rich dark shades like blue and magenta and pale hues of yellow, orange and white. Hyacinths grow in moderate to full sunlight in well draining soil.

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