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Plants That Tolerate Full Sun

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

Many vibrant plants love the warmth and nourishment of the sun. Most of these plants are also heat-resistant and can withstand droughts, making them very strong and hardy growers. Areas with full sun also tend to have dry soils, so while watering is needed, it is not needed as frequently.

It is also important full sun plants develop a strong root system so that they can withstand these dry periods, so at an early age, make sure to care for the plants and help them to become properly established.

Groundcovers & Vines

A stunning summer blooming vine with its white flower clusters is the climbing hydrangea. This clinging vine does well along a garden fence or covering a pergola and thrives in full sun. The large white lacy flowers add a vibrant and elegant addition to any area. Another vibrant vine is the Virginia creeper. This climbing vine has small blue fruits and will attract birds and butterflies for their sweet nectar. In the fall, its foliage turns a vibrant and brilliant.

Plant the succulent groundcover called stonecrop. This sun-loving evergreen plant spreads easily and has colorful yellow flowers in the spring. Creeping thyme is another ground cover that also doubles as an culinary herb. This evergreen creeper has fragrant foliage and does an excellent job at filling out garden beds and containers.


The summer-sweet shrub is a beautiful shrub to plant in your outdoor space and loves the sun. It's aromatic pink flowers begin their blooms in mid-summer and have stunning fall foliage. Plant a flowering quince to watch their beautiful flowers begin their blooms in the spring. The blooms, which resemble a rose, range in colors from white, dark red and pink. Their oblong leaves open to a bronze color and eventually fade to a glossy green. Plant this full and hardy shrub to create your own garden border.

Another shrub that thrives in full sun is the barberry. This shrub has many yellow flowers with a deep red foliage that is stunning. It is also heat-tolerant and does well planted next to other barberry bushes. Mass them in a bed or create a garden border.


Coneflowers love the summer sun and will produce daisy-like flowers throughout the season. They take less water than most sun-loving flowers and are pest-free. The purple coneflower has large pinkish-purple blooms and tall green stems, making them a perfect addition to a fresh cut bouquet.

Vibrant and stunning, the aster is a gorgeous flower. Its lavender and blue flowers bloom almost the entire year and can grow up to 2 feet in height. The 2 ½ inch flower head appear delicate but the plant structure is very tough and can withstand most soil types.


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