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Good Plants for Front Yard Landscaping

By Callie Barber ; Updated September 21, 2017

Why not have a front yard that blooms through all four seasons? Adding winter flowers and evergreens are just the plants needed to help achieve this design idea. Creating a front yard entry using annuals like herbs mixed with colorful zinnia’s can be the perfect balance of color and texture. And don't forget to use containers and hanging baskets along the front porch and walk for an inviting front yard space.

Focal Point

The front yard landscape is the first thing to see when you drive by your home and pull up in the driveway, so you need to make a statement. Planting small trees and shrubs will help to fill in the yard and create focal points around the landscape. Plant a Japanese Maple on the side of your front yard or along the walkway leading up to the front door. When in bloom, the maple will show its fiery colors of red, orange and yellow. For small spaces opt for a dwarf maple that won't obscure the yard but will still create impact. Another front yard ideas is to plant a golden forsythia along a fence line or in front of the house. Their yellow blooms are expansive and they add an elegant appearance to the home. Because they do well in full sun and light shade, they are an adaptable shrub to consider in your yard.

Yearly Blooms

Annuals are the perfect flowers and plants to use for filling in your front yard with splashes of color. Annuals can be placed in hard to reach spaces like a corner bed or wedged into a container for added color. Pansies or viola's are a cheery flower to add to your space and their "faces" come in a variety of colors and shapes. Little pansies, also called Johnny jump-starts, have smaller flower head but will create fullness to any container and garden bed. To add color to your front yard, plant geraniums. These summer bloomers love full sun and are very robust with their larger flower heads. Choose between red, white and rose colors to add to your landscape.

Winter Beauties

Just because winter sends most plants into their dormant season, does not mean you cannot have a colorful winter garden in your front yard. Winter iris, with their vibrant purple blooms, look especially lovely shooting up through the snow. For a show stopping winter bloomer, plant a flowering apricot tree. With their pink and white blooms, these magnificent trees will light up even the whitest of days and create a magnificent addition to your front yard.

Another winter addition to your front yard are evergreens. Their ability to retain their vibrant green colors in the cold winter months will be the perfect addition to your front yard. Choose a dwarf spruce and cedar trees along the front yard. Both are also perfect if you want to create a privacy fence around the landscape.


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