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Flower Seeds for Fall Planting

Fall is a good time for planting most of your perennial flower seeds as the plants have time to build their roots and adjust to the climate before sprouting forth in the spring. Plan to cover your fall seeds with mulch for protection and to help the soil around the seeds to retain water. Some flowers that are planted from seeds will not bloom until the plant is established in the second year.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan is a perennial wildflower that you can start from seed in your garden during the fall. Select a sunny location with good drainage and the plants may grow up to 72 inches tall. The flowers bloom in the middle to late summer, once the plants are established.


Columbine is hearty in zones 3-9, making it a good choice for most flower gardens. Flowers bloom in the spring the second year after planting seeds in the fall. The plants grow up to 3 feet tall and have a spread of 1 foot wide. This evergreen perennial offers five petal blossoms in shades of blue, white, pink, red and yellow.


Coreopsis is a genus with more than 100 varieties, most with yellow, daisy like blossoms throughout the summer. Know for its long blooming period, coreopsis is considered a wildflower and is hardy in zones 3-8. Sow your coreopsis seeds in the late fall in a sunny to partially sunny area of your garden during the fall.


Daisies are a perennial favorite hardy in zones 3-10. Plant daisy seeds in a sunny location in your garden during the fall, and you will have daisy flowers the second year.


Delphiniums are stately perennials with brightly colored flower spikes during the summer. Some varieties may reach up to 8 feet tall and most bloom in shades of blue, pink, white and purple. Plant delphinium seeds in a sunny to partially sunny area of your garden anytime from spring to fall.


Hardy in zones 3-10, Gaillardia may be an annual or a perennial that flowers during the middle of the summer. Blossoms last for many weeks. Plant perennial varieties of gaillardia during the fall in a sunny location in your garden.

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