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List of Shade Loving Plants for Hanging Baskets

By Katherine Bostick ; Updated September 21, 2017

Hanging baskets are a great way to add color and beauty to a home, porch, or patio. The type of plant placed in the hanging basket is determined by how much sun or shade an area gets. Shade loving plants make great plants for hanging baskets. There are many shade loving plants that will do great in hanging baskets. A few of the most popular shade loving plants are: Impatiens, begonias, ferns, ivy, and geraniums.


Impatiens are one of the most popular hanging plants for growing on porches and patios were there is more shade than sun. When grown in hanging baskets, impatiens will bloom from spring till frost. They require moist soil, especially in dry climates, so water frequently. Impatiens can become straggly when grown in a hanging basket so it is important to pinch off the long vines once they become stringy and lose their leaves. Cuttings can then be placed back into the hanging basket to start new plants.


Three of the most popular types of Begonias for hanging baskets are Wax Begonias, Tuberous Begonias, and Trailing Begonias. All three types of begonias provide beautiful, fragrant flowers and require only a modest amount of care when used in hanging baskets. However, Begonias do require a modest amount of water to produce beautiful foliage. Mixing several different colors of Begonias in one hanging basket makes a beautiful display for any shaded area. Begonia plants are also attractive plants even when they are not in bloom.


Ferns are some of the most popular shade loving plants to use in hanging baskets. Ferns actually do poorly in sunny areas. Unlike begonias or geraniums, however, ferns require that their soil be kept moist. Ferns also require proper pruning of their leaves in order to provide a long lasting, beautiful hanging plants.


Ivy is another popular plant that is grown in hanging baskets. Ivy does not grow well in sunny spots so a well shaded area is vital to growing healthy looking ivy. Two types of Ivy that will add beauty to a hanging basket are Wandering Jew and Creeping Fig. As with ferns, Ivy needs a moist soil in which to thrive.


Geraniums are one of the easiest flowering plants to grow. They do excellent in hanging baskets because they are low maintenance plants that require very little care to thrive. Geraniums grow well in full sun or in shaded areas. Geraniums can grow in almost any soil as long as the hanging basket has adequate drainage. For a truly colorful hanging basket, plant several different colors of geraniums into the same hanging basket.


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