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How to Plant Grass Seed Over Small Stones

By James Clark ; Updated September 21, 2017

Stones are commonly found in thin or fine soil conditions, causing the soil to lack nutrients and become dry. Before attempting to plant grass seeds over the small stones in your lawn, incorporate nutrient-rich soil into the stone mixture before planting. Planting grass seeds over small stones in your lawn and garden is not as difficult as it would seem.

Identify the small stones in your garden you wish to cover with grass. Ensure that the stones are clean and free of leaves, twigs or other debris.

Moisten the stones with a thorough coating of water.

Add good-quality nutrient-rich soil to the recently watered stones. Any type of soil or Miracle-Gro product is fine, and is readily available at any lawn and garden center. You will need a mixture of 50 percent for planting grass seed over stones (which means that for every pound of stones you wish to cover, you will need roughly the same amount of soil).

Spread the nutrient-rich soil on top of the stones and mix them together as much as you can. Make sure the stones are all coated with a thin layer of soil.

Water the soil and stone mixture. Do not oversaturate, but ensure that the soil and stones are moist.

Spread grass seed on top of the soil mixture. Lightly pat the seeds down, and do not cover with topsoil.

Water the grass seed daily for two weeks to make sure the seeds have the moisture they need to grow. After a period of two weeks, you may water weekly.


Things You Will Need

  • Grass seed
  • Water
  • Trash bags
  • Gardening gloves
  • Miracle-Gro or good quality soil

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