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How to Plant a Persimmon Tree From Seed

Persimmons will grow in USDA zones seven through 10, reaching heights as tall as 25 feet. Growing a persimmon tree from seed is a slower method than using a tree graft to begin a new tree. It can take several weeks for a persimmon tree to sprout once it has been planted. After a persimmon tree sprouts and grows, it can take seven or eight years before it will bear fruit.

Place the persimmons seed in freezing temperatures. This can be done by placing the seed outdoors in a pot full of soil during a freeze. It can also be done by placing it inside a plastic bag filled with potting soil and putting it in the freezer for a few weeks.

Thaw the persimmon seed. If the seed is left outdoors during the winter, it will thaw naturally as the temperature increases in the spring, and the seed will begin to sprout in the pot. If the seed has been in the freezer, take it out and put the seed and the soil into a plant pot.

Fertilize the seed by adding some compost or peat moss to the pot. Keep the soil moist. Once the seedling tree has grown to about ¾ the size of the plant pot, it should be transplanted to allow it more room to grow.

Plant the seedling in the ground in the spring in an area of full sunlight. Add some organic fertilizer to the soil at the time of transplanting. Compost and peat moss are both effective fertilizers for persimmon trees.


Fertilize the persimmon tree with a 10-10-10 fertilizer if the mature leaves don’t become dark green. Add one pound of fertilizer for every inch of the trunk’s diameter to the soil under the canopy.

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