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How to Plant Flowers Around a Bird Bath

A birdbath is not just for the birds. It is also for you to enjoy observing them as they bathe and drink. The plants you select for the area surrounding the birdbath are for both you and the birds, too. Attract birds with plants that provide color, food, shelter, and landing perches near the birdbath. The resource below is a link to, a good source of native plants by geographical location.

Select plants that provide color, food and shelter for the birds. Consider annual and perennial flowers, flowering shrubs, bulbs for spring bloom, and grasses. Choose plants that are native to your area to attract the birds. Visit a nursery and ask for plants that attract hummingbirds and shrubs that all birds can perch on and hide in.

Prepare the soil around the birdbath by loosening it and adding organic compost. Leave a level surface for the birdbath.

Place planting holes around the birdbath. Leave space to approach and stand by the birdbath.

Plant flowers, grasses and shrubs around the birdbath placing low-growing flowers in front of taller ones.

Water the new plants thoroughly and cover the area with mulch.


Place stepping stones in planting area to give you access to the birdbath without harming the plants. Hang a bird feeder near the birdbath. Visit a local nursery and ask about native plants that attract birds.


Use organic soil and mulch so the birds have safe food and shelter around their birdbath.

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