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Plants That Will Deter Pests in Your Garden

By Jill Harness ; Updated September 21, 2017

When growing a garden, it's best to keep mice, fleas, snails, ants and other pests away from their plants. While a lot of people reach for pesticides, the easiest and most eco-friendly way to fight pests is with the plants themselves. If you choose the right plants to fight the pests in your area, you can avoid the need for pesticides altogether.


Rosemary is a hearty plant that can live for years. In a garden, it can help ward off cabbage moths, bean beetles, carrot flies and root knot nematodes. If you’re barbecuing in the summer, you can also put some of it on the grill to scare away mosquitoes.


Mint’s strong smell is exceptionally unattractive to a number of critters, including ants, aphids, rodents, cabbage worms and cabbage moths. Best of all, it’s a great herb to have around the house, as you can use it in cooking.


Every home chef can benefit from a fresh supply of basil and so can any garden. This delicious, leafy herb repels aphids, flies, thirps, mosquitoes, tomato worms and mites.


It may attract cats, but it is also a natural flea repellent. Additionally, it can ward off mosquitoes, rodents, Japanese beetle, flea beetles, aphids, weevils and ants.


Another delight for the gardener/chef, these small, onion-y herbs can actually prevent spider mites, Japanese beetles, Japanese rust flies and aphids.


No one likes slugs, but the sweet smell lavender keeps the slimy pests at bay. It also looks beautiful in any garden and can attract friendly butterflies while deterring pesky moths and fleas.


This flowering plant will not only help your garden look pretty, but will also prevent aphids, whiteflies and squash bugs.


Humans might like the strong flavor of onion, but it's enough to send most pests running. By planting onions in your garden, you can scare away bean leaf beetles, flea beetles, harlequin bugs, Mexican bean beetles, mice, spider mites, squash vine borers and ants. They’re quite the power hitter when it comes to natural pest control.


These delicate and beautiful flowers are also quite handy when it comes to scaring away unwanted visitors from your garden. They can work for aphids, leaf hoppers, Mexican bean beetles, asparagus beetles and tomato worms.


These are one food that people seem to either love or hate. Whatever your personal feelings for their flavor though, you’re certain to appreciate how much pests hate them. Radishes can ward off cowpea curculios, cucumber beetles, harlequin bugs, Mexican bean beetles, squash bugs, stink bugs and rust flies.


These herbs are great at preventing pests, but be sure to keep them away from basil plants or else neither plant will grow. Rue can prevent Japanese beetles, aphids, fish moths, flea beetles, flies, onion maggots, slugs and snails.