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Indoor Plants That Kids Can Grow

Share a love of gardening with your children year round, whether you have space for an outdoor garden or not. Choose hardy, easy-to-grow-plants for kids, especially younger children. While the list of indoor plants that kids can grow is quite extensive, some may require more care than others and should be reserved for more interested young gardeners. An windowsill full of indoor plants that kids can grow is an excellent and fun learning tool.

Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and succulents can thrive with good sunlight and limited care. They are inexpensive, available in a variety of interesting shapes and colors—and easily found at your local home improvement center or even the grocery store. Consider planting in a large, shallow planter and adding small toys to make growing and caring for cacti fun. Water cacti normally in the summer, but only about once a month through the fall and winter. Place in a bright window.

Carnivorous Plants

Even a reluctant young gardener is sure to be charmed by the idea of a bug-eating plant. Venus flytraps and similar carnivorous plants do require substantial care, including a warm, moist environment. If insects are available, the plant will feed itself; however, kids may enjoy trapping insects to feed to their carnivorous plants. Store in a cool place when the plant is dormant in the winter months, then return to a warm, bright spot in your home. Other carnivorous plants kids might enjoy include the pitcher plant and octopus plant.

Practical Plants

Take advantage of indoor gardening as an opportunity to teach children about the usefulness of plants. Aloe vera is easy to grow and has a number of first-aid uses. It will also stand up to being touched and handled, as long as the kids are old enough not to nibble. Purchase herb seeds and several small pots. Herbs are another good choice for indoor plants that kids can grow. You might even encourage them to try new foods seasoned with their herbs. Mint, basil and parsley are all hardy, easy to grow plants that will survive as houseplants for kids.

Pretty Plants

Some indoor plants that kids can grow are practical additions to any indoor garden. Some of these plants are tolerant of a variety of lighting conditions, so may do well in a child's bedroom. Consider a cast iron plant or a zebra plant if you are looking for indoor plants for kids for a shady spot in your home. Easy to grow and brightly colored coleus is a good choice for a sunnier spot, as are spider plants. Visit your local nursery with your children and allow them to pick their own plants for the best success with indoor plants that they can grow.

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