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Indoor Plants That Love Shade

Many rooms simply don't have a sunny window or patio door to allow your indoor plants ample sunlight. While special artificial lights can help sun-loving plants grow in such places, there are other options. If you have shady spots or rooms that would benefit from indoor plants that love shade, there are plenty of beautiful houseplants that can thrive in your home. Choose the right plants for your space to keep your home green, even in the dimmest corners.


Fill a dark corner with multiple ferns for abundant greenery. The foliage will burn if exposed to direct sunlight, so choose a spot with low light and relatively high humidity. Ferns can grow well in a bathroom with a small window. Bird's Nest Fern, Japanese Holly Fern and Brake ferns are quite forgiving and hardy, but Boston Ferns can also grow easily in a moist, low light environment. More experienced gardeners may want to try Maidenhair or Staghorn ferns when looking for shade-loving plants and a bit of a gardening challenge.

African Violets and Flowering Plants

Several flowering plants can grow and thrive in a low-light environment. African violets are a classic example of indoor flowers that love shade. While they do require specialty fertilizer, they are easy to grow and can do well with low light. Flowering bromeliads are commonly discarded when their flowers fade, but will do well in shade indoors for quite some time. Other flowering plants intended for only short-term survival can thrive in low light conditions.

Hardy Low Light Plants

Some shade loving indoor plants can survive and thrive in nearly any conditions. Good choices include the Cast Iron plant, the Snake plant, the Chinese Evergreen and the Rubber plant. The most shade tolerant plants are typically solid green and not flowering plants; however, they can still add a beautiful accent to your home alone or in groupings. Those plants can thrive with relatively little care and are an excellent choice for a new gardener.

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