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How to Care for a Miniature Bamboo Plant

Mini bamboo plants are similar to regular bamboo plants--only smaller. Caring for them entails the same basic practices. These plants are usually grown in water with an anchoring medium, like sand or gravel. The meaning of your miniature bamboo plant depends on the number of stalks you have. According to the ancient tradition of Feng Shui, these formations affect the energy in your house and can bring good health, prosperity and general blessings.

Place your plant in the right kind of sunlight. Understand that, like people, bamboo plants can get sunburned. Place your miniature bamboo plant in a location where it will not be exposed to the hottest rays of the sun. Place your plant near a window but not on a windowsill.

Stop using tap water. Understand that bamboo plants, especially mini bamboo plants, can't tolerate the chemicals in tap water. Buy distilled water and keep the plant at a constant level. Don't allow it to dry out. Change the water every 1 to 2 weeks to avoid bacteria and mold growth.

Don't neglect the anchoring medium. Rinse off the rocks, sand or other medium at every water change to shake loose debris that could contaminate the water as it decomposes. Replace the medium if it becomes too slimy or coated with algae.

Fertilize correctly. Understand that miniature bamboo plants don't get their nutrients from the water; rather, they use water and sunlight to make their own food. Fertilize once per year with heavily diluted (at least 10-parts water to 1-part food) plant food. Perform feedings after water changes.

Prune as needed. Locate a node, which is one of the rings on your plant's stalk. Cut just above the ring to keep your miniature bamboo looking miniature. Remove leaves by either clipping them off at the stem, just outside the stalk, or pinching them off with your fingers. Let the plant heal for at least 2 weeks between prunings.

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