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How to Keep Weeds Out of a Gravel Driveway

Many people prefer the rustic appearance of a gravel driveway. While a gravel driveway may be less expensive to install and maintain than a cement or blacktop driveway, many homeowners pay for this in time spent weeding. Weeds in a gravel driveway are notorious and unrelenting in many cases. If weeds are trying to take over and ruin the appearance of your gravel driveway, there are effective options for eradicating them.

Pour the white vinegar and the salt into the bucket and mix the ingredients until the salt dissolves. Add approximately seven to eight drops of dish-washing soap to the ingredients in the bucket and stir well. Pour the ingredients into the spray bottle. The best time to apply this weedkiller is in the morning on a day when you do not expect rain. Spray generously to saturate the weeds. You will see the weeds deteriorate within 24 hours. Repeat the spraying procedure as often as new weeds appear.

Fill the teakettle with water and heat the water to boiling. Remove the teakettle from the heat source and take it directly outside to the gravel driveway. Carefully pour the boiling water onto the weeds at the roots. Do not pour the water over the foliage because this is ineffective; pouring the water at the roots will kill the weeds. Repeat the boiling water treatment as often as new weeds appear.

Wear protective clothing and use a flame weeder to eradicate weeds from a gravel driveway. A flame weeder is a tool with a long torch connected to a propane tank on wheels or in a backpack. Use the flame weeder by directing the torch flame onto the weeds to kill them. For best results, use the flame weeder on weeds that are just beginning to grow. Hold the torch 3 to 6 inches over the weeds and pass it slowly back and forth several times. Watch for the weeds to sag after you have heated them with the flame weeder. This is an indication that you have damaged them sufficiently. Expect the weeds to deteriorate within 24 hours.


Never use the flame weeder near flammable materials, especially mulch. It is very easy to inadvertently direct the flame onto areas you might not wish to torch and accidentally start a fire.

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