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How to Prune Pachysandra

By M.H. Dyer

Pachysandra may be a slow starter, but by the third year, it will spread out and create a mass of deep green evergreen foliage. It’s a hardy plant, and an ideal groundcover for problem areas, including poor soil and dense shade. Once pachysandra is established it requires virtually no assistance, but an occasional pruning can keep it looking its healthy best.

Revitalize pachysandra every four to six years by clipping it with a lawn mower. This will prevent the plant from becoming too stringy, and will encourage it to fill in any sparse areas. Mow the pachysandra with the mower set at its highest setting.

Prune pachysandra as needed to keep it looking neat. Clip any growth that has become too long, and trim around sidewalks, driveways or steps with hand clippers, or with a weed trimmer.

Rake up the clippings and throw them in the compost pile. Water the pachysandra when you’re finished.


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