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How to Germinate Windmill Palm Tree Seeds

By Bridget Kelly ; Updated September 21, 2017

The windmill palm is a cold-hardy palm tree native to China. Usually grown as an accent plant in the garden, it also does well planted in containers. The windmill palm is a slow growing tree that thrives in any type of soil, as long as it isn't soggy. Give your windmill palm a partially sunny spot, shielded from winds and check occasionally for aphids and scale. Windmill palms are hardy in USDA Zones 7B-10.

Soak the seed in a solution of 1 cup water and 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours. Change the solution twice during this time period.

Remove any flesh that remains on the windmill palm seed. Even a small speck can cause fungus to form.

Moisten 2 cups of vermiculite with 2 tbsp. of water (it should feel relatively dry), and place it in the bag. Insert the seed into this mixture.

Place the bag in the warmest place you can find--on top of the water heater or refrigerator, for instance. Optimal temperature for germination is 90 degrees.

Inspect the windmill palm seed daily. Moisten the soil if it feels dryer than when you first inserted the seed, but don't get it too moist. When a root appears, it is time to transplant the seedling.

Pour even amounts of compost and builder's sand into the pot. Gently plant the rooted seed 1/2 inch into the soil. Water lightly, allowing the water to drain from the bottom of the pot and place the pot back in the warm area.


Things You Will Need

  • Vermiculite
  • Transparent plastic bag with re-sealable top
  • Planting pot
  • Compost
  • Builder's sand


  • Germination can take anywhere from two weeks to a month.

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