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How to Take Care of My Lawn in the Spring

By Lauren Wise ; Updated September 21, 2017

Spring is the best season to maintain your lawn or plant grass seed. If cared for correctly, you can produce a healthy, green, lush lawn. It's important to understand though what type of care you need for your specific grass, such as mulching and fertilizing.

Apply a layer of mulch to the lawn that's about 1/2-inch thick in early spring, which retains moisture and insulates from late frosts.

Use a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen and high in phosphorous to fertilizer your lawn half way through spring season to maintain strength and health. Follow the fertilizer directions, because this varies for your type of grass and climate.

Water your lawn deeply once a week (especially if it is newly planted or young) every night for around 20 minutes. Once-a-week watering promotes deeper roots, rather than frequent watering, which makes grass roots shallow and encourages weeds.

Consider overseeding your lawn if it is thin or worn out from the winter season. Spread new seed over the lawn to thicken up the grass and make it look healthy.

Fill in bare spots with a generous amount of grass seed. Bare spots can occur from traffic or animals.


Things You Will Need

  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer
  • Grass seed
  • Water