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How to Get an Angel Wing Begonia Plant to Bloom

By Barbara Biehler ; Updated September 21, 2017

An angel wing begonia is a tropical flowering annual commonly grown as a house plant or bedding plant. Angel wing begonias, one of more than 1,200 species in the begonia family, get their name for the long green, wing-like leaves the plants produce. Angel wing begonias grow from 15 to 18 inches in height, and produce stems with clusters of flowers in solid white or varying shades of pink and red. Because begonias grow more slowly than other annuals, the plants are ideal for use in hanging baskets, as well as in flower and window boxes. Angel wing begonias will bloom profusely, if given the proper care and growing conditions.

Provide the angel wing begonia with well-drained soil in an outdoor garden, or a plant potting mix if the begonia is grown in a pot indoors. Well-drained soil or plant potting mix allows the plant to receive more oxygen and nutrients through its roots for optimum growing.

Give the begonia plenty of light. An angel wing begonia prefers bright, indirect daily sunlight indoors or partially shaded conditions outdoors.

Keep the soil moist, if growing an angel wing begonia outdoors, but do not over-water. If the plant is grown indoors, allow the planting medium to dry out between waterings.

Apply fertilizers sparingly. Begonias, of all types, are not heavy feeders, and prefer slightly acidic soil. Use only light applications of a fertilizer intended for annuals on this plant.

Check the angel wing begonia for disease. All begonias can suffer from powdery mildew or blight if grown in cool, humid conditions or over-watered. Diseases can prevent the plant from blooming properly, so remove diseased foliage as necessary.


Things You Will Need

  • Well-drained soil or plant potting mix
  • Area of bright, indirect sunlight indoors or partial shade outdoors
  • Annual plant fertilizer


  • An angel begonia will bloom in the spring, if the proper growing conditions are met for the plant.


  • Lack of bright, daily sunlight can prevent an angel wing begonia from blooming if grown indoors. Place the plant in a south-facing window, out of the sun's direct rays, for optimum growing and blooming conditions.

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