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Backyard Corner Landscaping Ideas

An empty corner in the back yard lends itself to many landscape design ideas. Choosing a landscape option influenced by the style of the back yard as a whole helps the corner blend well with its surroundings. Consider the uses of the back yard, particularly the area near the corner. The corners of the yard typically receives little traffic that could damage landscaping features, allowing more flexibility in the decorating options.

Corner Garden

An unused corner of the back yard makes an ideal location for a flower garden. The corner avoids the main traffic patterns in the yard, leaving the flowers in a safe location. The splash of color provided by flowering plants dresses up an otherwise dull corner. Add flowering plants of different heights to create interest. A decorative fence along the back sides of the flower garden add depth and design to the area, while creating a visual border.

Water Feature

A small water feature adds a decorative element to a backyard corner. The corner location means the water feature doesn't consume a large portion of usable ground in the back yard. Choose an in-ground pond water feature or a free-standing fountain or bird bath. Rocks, plants and other appropriate landscaping accents complete the water feature option, helping it blend into the surroundings.

Seasonal Displays

Each season brings new decorative options for a back yard corner. A large container, such as a decorative barrel or ceramic pot, works well to hold seasonal displays. Change the contents of the container to match the time of the year. A corn shock accented with pumpkins and gourds prepares the area for fall. A holiday light display works well for the winter months. Colorful flowers work well for spring or summer. Wooden or metal yard ornaments that relate to the seasons offer additional options.

Seating Area

A small seating area in the corner of the yard provides a quiet spot for reflection or a spot for entertaining. Choose decorative garden benches or other seating types that fit the area. Flagstones covering the area define the space while adding to the landscape design. Add an outdoor table to complete the seating area.

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