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How to Fertilize Daylilies for Rebloom

Not all daylilies will rebloom once their original flush of blooms are spent; however, there are numerous varieties among the thousands of daylilies available that are rebloomers. Usually these are found among the dwarf varieties, although there are several other larger varieties that will rebloom, too. When purchasing daylilies, check the tag to see if it says the particular variety you are buying is a “rebloomer” or “instant rebloomer.” Once you have planted your reblooming daylily, there are a few things that you need to know about fertilizing it.

Fertilize in the early spring. Daylilies are extremely hardy and require very little fertilizing; however, a good balanced fertilizer applied in the early spring when the new growth first begins to appear will provide your daylilies with nutrients that may have been naturally leached from the soil over time. This will also encourage your daylilies’ growth and blooming. Use a time-released balanced fertilizer that you can find at your local garden center. Apply according to the instructions on the package.

Deadhead and remove dead parts of the daylily after the initial blooms are spent. Allow the blooms on your daylilies and the stalks from which they are blooming to die back naturally. The spent blooms will normally fall off on their own, or you can just pull them off yourself. Once the stalks have started to turn tan or are completely tan, cut them back to the ground, leaving just the leaves of the daylily plant. (This is a good time, too, to remove any dead leaves on your plants to make everything look neat and tidy.) Also, reblooming daylilies need a short period of rest before they will bloom again. By allowing the blooms and stalks to die back naturally, you are providing your daylilies with the rest they need.

Apply a small amount of the time-release balanced fertilizer after you have removed the dead from your daylilies. Use about half of the amount you used when you initially fertilized your daylilies.


Time-released fertilizers usually work for about three months. This means that you need to only use them only once or twice during the growing season.

Reblooming daylilies will often continue blooming through the summer months and into the early fall, as long as you continue to remove the dead blooms and stalks.


Do not over fertilize your daylilies. If you think that throwing more fertilizer on your daylilies will cause them to bloom more, you are wrong. You can actually “burn up” your plants and kill them by applying too much fertilizer. Always follow the directions on the fertilizer that you buy. Do not apply a time-released fertilizer more than twice during the growing season.

Do not fertilize your daylilies as the fall approaches. Your daylilies will start to die back for the season, and you do not want them to try to keep growing into the late fall and winter. The fall and winter months are their time to rest so they can bloom again the following spring.

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