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How to Care for the Aucuba Plant

The Aucuba is a hardy plant that makes a lovely border, hedge or indoor plant. The plant can withstand coastal conditions, pollution and dry soils. The fruit of the Aucuba is seen in the fall months, while the summer produces bright green foliage. Since the plant is hardy to almost any condition, caring for this plant is easy. The plant can grow to be 10 feet tall with proper care.

Water the plant so that the ground is wet, but not soaking. The soil must be able to dry between watering. When the top 3 inches of soil is dry, it is time to water the plant.

Place the plant in an area with full shade or partial shade. Avoid full sun areas during the hot summers.

Fertilize the plant in the spring before any new growth appears. The fertilizer for shrubs will work well for the Aucuba. Use a slow releasing fertilizer so that the plant does not need any more fertilizing during the year.

Plant the Aucuba in soil that is rich in nutrients, but also high in acidity. Mulch placed around the base of the plant in fall will provide warmth and help keep the roots healthy during the winter.

Place the plant in an outside location where the temperatures will not dip below -5 degrees F. If you live in a zone where the temperatures drop below this, you can plant the Aucuba in a pot as an indoor plant.

Plant Aucuba

Plant aucuba in the late spring or early summer, after the last expected frost date. Choose a location with full or partial shade and excellent drainage. Water the aucuba thoroughly before planting, soaking the root ball and allowing it to drain. Dig a hole large enough to hold the plant root ball. Remove the plant from the container and place it in the hole at the depth that it grew in the container. Back fill with native soil and tamp the soil gently.

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