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How to Grow Pepper Plants in a Fish Tank

Pepper plants grow easily either in the soil or in a container. Ensure that you satisfy the basic needs of the pepper plants by providing ample warmth, sunlight and water and pepper plants will repay you with an abundant pepper harvest. Look around your home for large containers for pepper planting. Even an unused fish tank would be suitable for planting peppers because it is large and deep.

Place the fish tank in a sunny location where it will stay for the entire duration of the growing season. Once you fill it with potting soil, it will be too heavy to move. Fill the fish tank almost to the top with potting soil when the temperatures will stay above 60 degrees Fahrenheit overnight.

Place the pepper plants into the fish tank. Space the pepper plants between 1 and 2 feet apart for optimal growing. The size of the fish tank will determine how many pepper plants you can plant in the container.

Fill the soil in around the pepper plants so they are at the same depth as they were in the temporary containers. Firm the soil lightly around the plants with your hands.

Water the pepper plants thoroughly immediately after planting. Keep the pepper plants evenly watered but do not water so much that the soil becomes soggy. Pay special attention to the moisture content in the soil because there is no way to allow for drainage from a fish tank. Allow the soil to dry slightly from evaporation between watering.

Pinch off the first pepper blossom when it appears. This will encourage more prolific blossoming from the pepper plant throughout the growing season.

Fertilize the pepper plants two times per month by mixing the fertilizer with water according to package recommendations. Fertilize by pouring the fertilizer around the base of the plants without spilling it onto the plant foliage.

Harvest peppers when they are large and firm according to your desires. Some people harvest peppers when they are slightly immature and others prefer peppers when they are more mature. Sweet peppers become sweeter the longer they stay on the plants and hot peppers become spicier the longer they stay on the plants.

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