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How to Landscape the Side of a Garage

Garage walls do not have to remain bare. The blank space found around the garage can be filled in nicely with plants and other garden elements. A weekend set aside to do the work, a little money and plenty of imagination is all it takes to create an inviting space. Consider what the space will be used for, take measurements and notes, draw out a plan, purchase supplies, and you will be ready to get to work.

Hoe or till the area to be planted. Clear away all weeds, roots and stones that would hinder new plant growth.

Mix well-rotted compost into soil of planting area for a healthy start.

Attach the trellis to the wall or bury a freestanding trellis where vines are to be grown. Vines should be planted against or very near wall at back of flowerbed. This will work as a backdrop as well as add height to the planting. Choose evergreen vines where possible to add color throughout the year.

Plant a large flowering shrub or easy-to-prune small tree such as crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) as the focal point in the center or at either corner. Surround the tree(s) with medium-height flowering perennials.

Create groupings of tall, medium and short flowering plants. Space the groupings approximately 18 to 24 inches apart. Mix in a few plants grown only for their foliage for added interest.

Set out ground cover between flowers where it will act as living mulch. Choosing one that works as an ornamental--a good choice for this is the lemon frost thyme.

Fill in remainder of planting area with mulch. Surround flowerbed with fieldstones for a finished look.


Add a combination of elements such as bird houses, sun catchers, wind chimes and a water feature to further disguise an unsightly or large, nondescript wall. Hire a talented student artist from a nearby college to paint a mural on the wall before planting the garden. A small pergola structure can be added to create a sitting area among the new plantings. A trellis can be built and mounted directly to the wall or one of many prefabricated trellises can be purchased.


Wear sunhat and gloves when working in the garden. Wear protective eye covering as needed. Make certain water drains away from the garage to prevent damage to the foundation. Always know where water, gas and electric lines are located before digging. Also, watch for any electric lines coming into the garage from overhead.

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