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Flowers That Are Good for Pots

By S.F. Heron ; Updated September 21, 2017

Annual flowers provide a beautiful addition to your outdoor living areas. Annuals can be used in flower beds, but also in pots placed as accents around your patio, deck or pool area. Flowers that are good for pots include a variety of colors and foliage. Choosing plants to use in flower pots involves evaluating the sunlight conditions. Light availability determines how well and often a potted flower will bloom. Flowers in pots require attentive care to monitor moisture levels, dead bloom removal and regular fertilizing. This minimal care schedule applies to a wide variety of flowers that work well as potted outdoor container gardens.


Petunia flowers work exceptionally well in pots and provide a graceful display of flowing blooms when planted in containers. Petunias prefer partial sun and require well-drained soil. Petunias come in a wide variety of colors including white, purple, red and pale yellow. This annual can be easily grown from seed although the seeds are very small. Petunias provide lasting blooms throughout the growing season. Make sure to remove dead blooms regularly, and clip back the plant when it becomes leggy with fewer blooms later in the summer.


Marigold flowers come in a wide variety of sizes that include compact blooms and wider, flat flower petals. Marigolds can be variegated, as well as solid-colored, with blooms in bright orange or yellow. Some deeper orange varieties provide stunning color with long lasting blooms. Marigolds work well to add height to a flower pot and look beautiful when planted alone or with other plants. Marigolds like full sun and well-drained soil.


As the name indicates, snapdragon flowers resemble a small mouth. This plant works well in pots, providing and ladder-like floral display in a compact plant. Colors include yellow, red, pink and white, as well as hybrid colorings. Snapdragon has long-lasting blooms that require minimal care even when potted in a container. The plants prefer partial sun and can be planted after the danger of frost has passed.


Verbena offers the gardener a beautiful, spreading plant with tiny flowers with white centers. This plant thrives in a potted environment, spreading to expand and grow. Flower colors range from deep purple to reds and pinks. These plants are drought tolerant and can thrive in full sun to partial shade. Provide regular water and fertilizer in the flower pot and the verbena will provide plenty of blooms throughout the growing season.


Vinca thrive in flower pots and, in fact, prefer cooler soils and temperatures. These plants hold blooms for a very long time with proper watering. Vinca has half-dollar-sized flat blooms in light purple, pink and white surrounded by shiny, elongated leaves. This sturdy plant prefers full to partial sun and will fill out considerably when planted in a flower pot.