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What Type of Grass Grows in the Shade?

Fescue is a type of grass that grows well in the shade. Fine fescue grows well in either full sun or full shade and tall fescue grows well in full sun or partial shade.

Grass Sod For Shade

Coastal weather provides a relatively kind environment for grass: not too hot, not too cold and not too dry. St. Augustine and Manilagrass top the list for full shade sites and zoysiagrass is a good choice for shady beach properties because it is also salt-tolerant. Cool-season grasses are needed in a climate that is chronically wet and chilly, which includes much of the northern U.S. Kentucky blue grass, as a whole, isn't considered a good shade grass, but a few varieties are considered shade-tolerant: "Glade," "Nuggett," "Liberator," "Quantum," "Compact Chateau," "Coventry," "Moonlight," "Brilliant," "Showcase" and "SR2000." Velvet bentgrass and creeping red fescue perform reasonably well in full shade. Be careful not to over-water shaded sod in wet climates or you may end up with more moss than grass. Your sod will roll onto its new soil bed looking thick and strong, but your challenge will be keeping it that way.

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