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How to Make a Hot Bed for Plants

Make hot beds for plants and plant them outside earlier so that they get a good start before you transplant them in gardens, wall planters or in pots. Hot beds can be used during the entire growing season by removing the glass top or for a late fall harvest. The hot bed can be made from materials you have lying around the house or from a demolition site. The hot beds should be made in areas that receive sun for most of the day to be beneficial.

Measure the size of the old glass window. This will be the size of the hot box. Multiple boxes can be made side by side, but each box must fit the window and glass that is being used.

Use plywood to make the sides, front, and back of the hot box. The plywood will be in the ground about six inches and you need the sides to be high enough for the plants to start growing. Make the pieces the length and width of the glass window frame and 18 inches high.

Attach the sides, front, and back pieces together with the door hinges for easy removal after the season. Use one hinge in the middle of each piece. Use a drill to make the pilot holes for the hinge screws. Screw the hinges on with the screwdriver and make sure that they are tight.

Place the glass window frame on top of the hot bed frame. Mark two spots on the back of the frame for the two hinges that will attach the window frame to the box frame. Use the drill to make the pilot holes and screw the hinges in place.

Dig a trench the size of the hot bed frame. Go down six inches. Place the hot bed frame into the trench. Rough up the soil inside, fill the inside of the frame with compost and peat, and plant the plants or seeds.


During the summer, you can keep the plants growing in the hot bed, but you need to remove the glass window frame.

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