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How to Tell If a Honeydew Melon Is Ripe

By Lauren Wise ; Updated September 21, 2017

Honeydew melon is an ideal addition to any garden. It is important to understand when it is ripe and how to recognize the signs, so you can pick it when it is most flavorful. You need to use four senses to determine whether a melon is ripe, over-ripe or under-ripe.

Look at the color of the honeydew melon. You can tell it is ripe if it is a golden color with possibly some brown speckles. If the melon is beige with green stripes or bright yellow, it is not ripe. If you pick it at this point, you will need to let it ripen in your house until it golden.

Smell the melon. It should smell sweet if it is perfectly ripe.

Press your fingers lightly around the melon. It should be firm but not hard. Soft spots mean it is over-ripe.

Shake the melon and listen for seeds rattling inside. Ripe melons have fibers that separate when shaken.

Knock on the honeydew melon with your fist. A deep sound means it is ripe, while a hollow sound means it is not.