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How to Keep Squirrels and Rabbits Out of Flower Beds

By Stephanie Green ; Updated September 21, 2017

Rabbits and squirrels can be such cute little animals to watch—just not in your flower beds. Chances are if you catch them scampering through your garden, they are in search of their next meal. Gardeners take heart and follow a few simple steps to keep rabbits and squirrels out of your flower beds.

Control rabbits with aroma. Sprinkle fox urine or dried blood around the border of the flower bed. Place cotton balls, doused with fox urine, on the fence around your garden, as an alternative. Add a few drops of the fox urine to the cotton balls every couple of days. Reapply the dried blood or fox urine to either area after a rain. Dried blood and fox urine are available at garden centers or nurseries.

Deter rabbits and fertilize your flower bed at the same time. Sprinkle human hair around flower beds to keep rabbits from hopping around. Many hair salons will give hair upon request. When the hair breaks down, it serves as a good fertilizer.

Provide alternative food for rabbits. Plant clover—a favorite food for rabbits—away from your flower beds. Allow small amounts of plantain weed to sprout, as rabbits would rather eat this weed than trample through flowers.

Keep squirrels at bay with unappealing aromas. Sprinkle a few teaspoons of used cat liter around flower bulbs. Cats are a natural predator of squirrels, and the scent of them will drive squirrels away.

Spice things up to keep squirrels out of flower beds. Mix 2 tbsp. of cayenne pepper to 1 qt. of hot water. Seep the mixture until it is cool. Strain it through a cheesecloth, and then put it into a spray bottle. Spray plants liberally with the mixture. Reapply after a rain.


Things You Will Need

  • Fox urine
  • Dried blood
  • Cotton balls
  • Human hair
  • Clover
  • Used cat liter
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Hot water
  • Cheesecloth
  • Spray bottle

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