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How to Anchor a Garden Arch

If you have decided to ornament your garden with a garden arch, it is important to anchor the arch properly in order to keep it upright, especially during times of inclement weather. Anchoring a garden arch is a fairly simple process that can be accomplished with an anchoring set or braces and rebar.

Use a store-bought anchoring kit that goes with your garden arch. Each anchor kit lists the product numbers of the garden arches that it will fit and provides instructions for installation.

Choose a location in your garden or yard for the garden arch arch where it can easily be anchored. Soft or medium grassland provides the most effortless anchoring.

Attach metal L-shaped braces to the legs of wooden garden arches with screws. Wooden arch legs may break during high winds when anchored down. The metal braces will protect the arch's legs and provide a base for anchoring the arch down.

Place your arch in the chosen location in your yard or garden and make sure that is exactly where you want the arch to stay. Once anchored, the arch will be unable to be moved without removing the anchoring system.

Hammer a piece of rebar over each foot of the L-shaped braces with a rubber mallet so that the curved end of the rebar holds the foot of the brace in place. Make sure to pound the rebar all the way into the ground so that just the top arch of the rebar is still showing.

Wire the base of a garden arch that is standing next to a fence to the fence to hold in place. Anchors will not be necessary as long as the fence is sturdy.

Cover the anchoring system of your garden arch. Rebar can be hidden in a number of ways, such as covering with rocks or mulch or growing plants at the base of the arch. Ivy and other climbing plants are good options for wrapping around the base of a garden arch that is attached to a fence with wire.

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