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How to Grow Roses From Long Stem Cut Roses

Create a terrarium for your long-stem rose and grow your own rose bush. Although it will take several months for the rose to root and sprout new leaves, by spring, after the last freeze, you'll have a new rose plant for your outside garden.

Select a flowerpot at least 6 inches across, with drainage holes in the bottom. If your pot doesn't have drainage holes, make two or three using a drill, an ice pick or a nail. These holes need to be about 1/8 inch across.

Fill the flowerpot approximately 3/4 full with sterile potting soil or vermiculite. Pat down the soil.

Select a freshly cut long-stem rose. If the rose is from a florist, root it the day it arrives, as the rose may have been in the florist shop for several days. Select a rose that has several sets of leaves.

Cut off the rose blossom. Remove the lower sets of leaves, leaving two sets at the top. Cut the bottom end of the rose’s stem at an angle. If the rose’s stem is long, cut it to 10 to 12 inches long.

Dip the cut end of the rose stem in root stimulator. Poke a deep hole—about 5 inches—in the potting soil or vermiculite, using your finger, a pencil or some other clean narrow object. Insert the cut end of the stem into the hole, burying half of the stem. Tamp the soil around the rose stem.

Water the potting soil or vermiculite thoroughly, until the water comes out of the drainage holes. Invert the pickle jar and place it over the rose stem. Be careful not to damage the leaf sets. Press the mouth of the jar into the soil.

Place the flowerpot with the pickle jar outside near a north-facing wall, behind a bush or some other object that will shield it from direct sunlight.

Check on the rose periodically to make sure the jar has not fallen over. Add water to the pot only if the soil has dried out completely and there is no condensation on the inside of the jar.


Old garden roses will have a better chance of producing a similar plant. If the rose is a hybrid tea rose, you might not produce the same flower, as hybrids are made by grafting the stem from one rose onto a sturdy rootstock of another.


Do not place the jar in direct sunlight. Doing so creates intense heat and can damage or kill the rose.

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