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How to Fix Yard Drainage

By Alexis Lawrence ; Updated September 21, 2017

The pooling of water in your yard can cause damage to structures on the land as well as any plants that are being grown on the property. There are several things that can cause water to pool in a yard, including slopes in the landscape, random dips in the yard and the drainage of water from the roof. Though poor water drainage can be a hassle, it is possible to construct a drainage system to eliminate problem spots in your yard.

Build up the ground beneath drain spouts with top soil if water is pooling around the base of the house. This will direct water away from the foundation where it can cause leaks and flooding.

Find a spot on your property that is away from the house and plant life where water can safely be directed. It should be a low spot on the property, so that water will naturally run toward the spot.

Purchase a dry well for your property. A dry well is a tank that is made to hold water during heavy rain or snow and then allows the water to leak back out gradually into the soil. Dry wells come in a number of different sizes. Follow the suggested guidelines on each well’s packaging to help determine the size of well most appropriate for your property.

Bury the dry well in the low spot that you selected on your property. The size of the hole that will be needed is dependent on the size of the well. There should be guidance in the well’s packaging to help you determine the depth and width of the hole.

Dig a trench with a depth of 18 inches in your from each problem area down to the well. Layer the trench with 3 inches of crushed rock, lay drainage tube over the rock all the way down the trench and cover the tubing with a fabric sock to filter out any sediment that could clog the tube.

Cover the drainage tubes with another three inches of rock, layer mesh fabric over the rock and refill the rest of the trench with soil. Replant grass for the spring and the tubing should be completely hidden beneath the ground.


Things You Will Need

  • Top soil
  • Shovel
  • Dry well
  • 4-inch snap-together drainage tube
  • Fabric sock
  • Crushed rock
  • Mesh fabric
  • Pry bar


  • Keep a pry bar on hand to remove large stones that you will likely come across while digging a hole for the dry well.


  • Always call the electric, telephone, cable and gas companies before digging in your yard to find out where wires are buried.

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